Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweet Buffalo Chicken fingers

I've got another awesome "dude food" for you. Clearly, I am not a dude, but I dig dude food. :) I was raised with two brothers- what do you expect? My friend's father-in-law made this wing sauce when we went to a birthday party. It was so good! I had to ask him how to make it. After he told me, I couldn't believe how easy it is. I think this is better than any Buffalo Wild Wings sauce that I've had. The father-in-law did make it with wings, but I have a hard time eating chicken wings. The fact that there is more bone, fat, and other unidentifiable things in a wing kinda gives me the heebie jeebies, so I made chicken fingers to use with the sauce. Score!
Sweet Buffalo Chicken fingers:
serves 3

2 Chicken breasts, cut into individual portions (you can use chicken wings as well, but I haven't the foggiest how to cook them since they scare me)
2 eggs
1 c flour
season salt
garlic powder
onion powder
1/2 c brown sugar
2 T Frank's Red Hot

I didn't take pictures of the chicken finger procedure since it is on my post on fried chicken. When I did these, I used oil instead of lard, though. They still turned out great. If you'd like a quick rundown without having to go to another post, here are the directions:

Heat a saucepan with oil about 2 inches thick over medium heat.

Put the egg into a pie plate. Add some of the seasoning. I'd say 1/2 t of each would be good. Add the flour to a Ziplock bag and add the same amount of seasoning. Dip the chicken in the egg. Add each chicken piece to the flour bag and shake to coat. "It's shake'n'Bake, and I helped!" Same idea here. Once the chicken is coated, put it in the hot oil. Cook until it's golden brown. I did mine for about five minutes. 2-3 minutes per side.

Take them out and place them on a paper-towel lines plate.

Prepare the sauce. Brace yourself... this is so stinkin' easy.

Put the 1/2 c brown sugar in a bowl.
Add the 2 T of Frank's Red Hot. I'm sure other hot sauces would work just as well. However, being that I could have lived off of a diet of nothing but hot chicken fingers when I was a teenager, I tend to opt for Frank's Red Hot. It's got great flavor.
Stir it up. Put it in the blender and mi it until it gets smooth and not grainy. I added a little bit of water to mine since it was a bit on the thick side. Pour it back into the bowl. Add the chicken fingers (or wings) and toss to coat.
Voila! They are more sweet than they are spicy, but they are divine! When I made them, my husband ate seven of them! Good grief! It's a good thing he's got some prescription strength Prilosec. He'd be doomed for sure.
Now that football season is here. Try this sauce. I'm telling you... you'll be begging for more!


  1. YAY! Callie, I was wondering when you would post a chicken finger recipe! It seems the only thing we ordered at restraurants back in the day. :) Can't wait to try this one.

    (As a side note: the other recipe I was hoping you would post a recipe for is your Mom's crepes & filling. But I guess that's a few weeks away :)

  2. Thanks for this great new recipe. We tried and and LOVED it, then we had the tortellini so up yesterday and today the orange chicken. My new years resolution is to be better at dinners so im loving your blog!- Megan

  3. Awww... Thanks. :) I'm blushing over here. I'm glad you like the recipes.