Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pineapple Boat

When most people write a bucket list, they have things like this:
1. Ride a kangaroo along the Australian shore while wearing nothing but a silk robe.
2. Travel from California to Hawaii to Australia in a hot air balloon while sharing chocolate-covered strawberries with Fabio while a string quartet plays some soothing music.
3. Searching the world over for Snozzberries because once it was mentioned in the old school "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" you have been dying to know what they taste like.

Well, me?  On my bucket list- I want to make a pineapple boat for crying out loud.  Well, I just so happened to get a couple pineapples from my bountiful basket this week, so I decided to cross this off my bucket list since riding in a hot air balloon with Fabio and a string quartet just isn't in the cards for me on a Tuesday evening.  Although, Fabio wouldn't be my choice of company.  I'd probably end up throwing him overboard just to see his hair flowing in the wind as he falls.  While he falls I would scream, "Next time, wear a shirt and not those tight jeans.  I'm not impressed!"  I do think he would be impressed with the pineapple boat though.  
 Pineapple Boat Tutorial:

You'll need a pineapple and fruit to fill in with.

First, cut a third off the pineapple like the picture below. Set the smaller portion aside.
 Place the larger portion on the counter and cut all the way around it leaving about 1/2 inch.
 Slice about an inch away from the cut from the top to bottom using a paring knife.  I had to kind of slant the knife at the bottom to ensure that the chunk comes out.  Use the paring knife to pry the chunk of pineapple up.
 Do that on both sides.  Reserve the slices from the sides.
 Use the paring knife to cut the core out of the pineapple.
 Once the core is out, use a spoon to scrape out any extra chunks here and there.
 Fill the pineapple boat with your extra fruit and the pineapple from the slices you made earlier.  Serve it with some delicious fruit dip (I have a couple tasty ones in my fruit section) and brag to your friends that you had fruit served in fruit and ruined all nutritional value by drenching it in cream cheese and marshmallow fluff.  Mmm!
Now I can cross that off my bucket list.

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