Saturday, August 11, 2012

Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme

I have a confession to make.  When I eat a sandwich from Subway, Port of Subs, Jimmy Johns, or any other sandwich shop, I always get a bag of Cheetos.  They are my favorite kind of chip. In fact, growing up, I'm sure that every article of clothing and blanket I owned had a Cheeto smudge on it at some point.  Not only do I get the Cheetos to go along with the sandwich, but I actually put them on the sandwich.  There is something about a crunchy chip in a sandwich that just makes my heart all a-flutter.  Well, I saw this recipe, and I have never had one of these from Taco Bell; however, the fact that it had a little extra crunch in there was very appealing.  It's no Cheeto, but I figured a regular ol' tortilla chip would be good.  Sure enough!  I loved it!  This recipe was great.  It's like a Mexican Calzone thing.  An added bonus- You make it yourself instead of going to Taco Bell, where I'm pretty sure their "beef" isn't beef at all.  This is great for kids since you don't have to worry about every ounce of taco meat and shredded cheese ending up on the kitchen chairs when your four-year-old tries to pick up a regular taco.  It's all contained.  Nice!  I wonder if I could wrap up their toys in one of these things.  
 Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme

6 extra large burrito flour tortillas
tortilla chips
1 pound ground beef
1 pkg taco seasoning
sour cream
nacho cheese (I used Tostitos Salsa con Queso dip)
shredded lettuce
diced tomatoes

Brown the ground beef in a skillet.  Drain the grease.  Add the taco seasoning according to package directions.

Place the large tortilla on a plate.
 Put about 1/2 c ground beef in the middle.
 Top with some of the nacho cheese.
 Put some tortilla chips on top of that.  If you have tostada shells, you can use those as well.
 Add a few dollops of sour cream.  Don't you love the word "dollop?"
 Top with shredded lettuce and tomatoes.
 Fold up one of the sides and hold it in place.
 Fold up the next side.  Hold in place.
 Fold up the next side.  Seeing a pattern?  :)
 Fold and hold.
 Fold up the last side.  If you still have some in the middle that is not covered up, break off a piece of tortilla from another one and place it in the middle.
 See?  It'll be nice and enclosed.
 Maybe put  small plate on top of it until you are ready to toast is on the griddle.

Once you've folded them all, lightly spray a griddle or skillet with cooking spray.  Heat over medium-high heat.  Place the Crunch Wraps onto the skillet, folded side down.  Cook until it is golden brown.  Flip and cook the other side.
 There it is, folks!  A lovely, toasted Crunch Wrap Supreme.  I was multi-tasking while trying to cook, so it got a little too toasty on the top.  It was still delicious!
 Here is a quick picture of the inside.  It looks messy, but boy, was it delicious!
 Yum.  I loved this.

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