Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fudgy Brownies

If there was ever a person to love brownies, it would be my dad.  Once when I was over at his house, I thought I would be kind and deliver him a brownie and nice glass of milk.  He came out of his room within a minute, and I think he actually kind of glared at me.  I asked, "How did you like your brownie?"  He quickly quipped, "It was too small."  Sure enough, he comes back out of the kitchen with a brownie the size of a sandwich and smiles.  "That's more like it," he added as he lifts his newly refilled glass of milk into the air.  Nothing brings joy to my dad like a warm brownie out of the oven and a nice, cold, tall glass of milk.  Can we blame him though?  Brownies are tasty.  They're fudgy.  They're cakey.  They're nothing but chocolate, butter, sugar, and vanilla- plus a few other things- but focus on the first four ingredients there.  This was a really good homemade brownie recipe.  If you're out of a brownie mix, try these.  I think brownie mixes taste more medicinal than they do chocolate, and these do not leave an aftertaste of prenatal pills at all!  Now, that's a reason to rejoice.
Fudgy Brownies:
source: America's Test Kitchen Cookbook

5 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
2 oz. unsweetened chocolate, chopped
8 T butter
3 T cocoa powder
1 1/4 c sugar
3 large eggs
2 t vanilla
1/2 t salt
1 c flour 

Preheat the oven 350.  Grease an 8 inch square pan.  

Put the butter, chocolates, and cocoa in the microwave for 2 minutes- checking every 30 seconds and stirring.  Once it is smooth like the picture below, it's finished.
Whisk the eggs, vanilla, and salt together in a bowl.  

Add the chocolate mixture and whisk to combine.  If your mixture doesn't make a nice ying-yang swirl when you combine it, they won't turn out right.  ;)

Stir in the flour until it is all incorporated.
It will turn into a light brown and be pretty thick.
Pour the batter into the prepared pan.
Bake in the preheated oven for 35-40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.  
Let them cool a bit before cutting them up and serving them to happy people.  Now, the original recipe says to wait 2 hours before cutting them.  Hello!  Isn't the whole point of making brownies is to have a warm brownie out of the oven.  I know that if these brownies were at my parent's house, they would definitely be gone within 20 minutes.  Shoot... if they were at my own house they'd be gone within 20 minutes.  

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  1. I was just catching up on you blog and came across this post. I totally made this recipe out of my ATC cookbook a couple weeks ago, and they are Adams new favorite! I didn't have any bittersweet chocolate though, so I added a bit more semisweet and they worked out great! The only problem...not enough!