Saturday, August 7, 2010

How the On-Call Cook came to be...

This summer, I had a weekly playgroup with some dear friends of mine that I have known since Elementary school. One day, everyone came over to my house for the playdate. I made three meat stromboli and brushetta. They all wanted to know how recreate this tasty deliciousness for their family. Nice! (I'm always thrilled when someone wants to make what I made for them.) I e-mailed the recipe to them, and since that day, they have asked for a weekly recipe from me. One of those friends referred to me as her "on-call" cook since she would call me as she attempted the recipes on her own. I thought, "Hey... that's a clever name for a blog! The on-call cook." So, here I am thanks to those three friends that keep me on my toes so they can hook their family up with some tasty grub.

I hope any that come here enjoy what I post. Am I the best cook in the world? Not even close! Do I love to cook? Sometimes. Do I love good food? Yes! I think the effort of cooking is all worth it when the end result has your family begging for more. I'll try to post on a weekly basis, but sometimes I can be a self-proclaimed slacker, so we'll see. Please feel free to comment or share recipes.


  1. Callie, Thanks for having a blog and posting just great recipes. I have really enjoyed them and so has my family. You are a great cook. You also give great lessons, I really enjoyed the one you gave a few weeks ago in R.S.

    Thanks, Kathy Burton

  2. Thanks for all the kind words! You are so sweet. That comment just made my night. Thank you!